We Don’t Do Ordinary

A Hart tool is designed with an ultimate goal in mind. If it strikes, nothing hits harder. If it digs, nothing works harder. If it cuts, nothing lasts longer. And to this end, we stop at nothing. We’ll forge it with steel. We’ll coat it in anti-rust. We’ll reinforce it with fibreglass. So you can be sure that nothing hits the job like a Hart. Nothing even comes close.


  • Nothing hits harder Nothing hits harder

    Hits harder.

    Forged steel heads. Anti-vibration handles. Fibreglass shafts. Decades of cutting edge innovation live in each and every one of our striking tools. From the material, to the shape, to the weight, every single design element is aimed at achieving one goal. To ensure that nothing hits as hard as a Hart.

  • Nothing works harder Nothing works harder

    Works harder.

    There’s nothing like a hard day’s work. And for that, there’s nothing like Hart’s ground-breaking range of specialised digging tools. Featuring super comfortable ergonomic grips, vibration reducing reinforced handles and back-saving offset picks & heads, if it’s a Hart, then you can be assured that nothing works as hard to take the strain out of a job.

  • Nothing’s more accurate Nothing’s more accurate

    Lasts longer.

    There’s a reason our knives carry high-density carbon blades, our chisels are forged with carbon steel and our forks & rakes are coated in anti-rust. It’s because you don’t throw away a Hart. You hand it down. To your son or daughter. Because let’s face it, there’s nothing else you’d want them using.

  • Nothing lasts longer Nothing lasts longer

    Built tougher.

    And while we pride ourselves on technical innovation and design principles, our tools are built like nothing on Earth. I-Beam bodies, fully forged steel, heat-treated heads and blades. Nothing gets the Hart stamp unless it’s as tough as nails. When trying to find a tougher tool, nothing stands a chance.

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